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Mobile Websites

Why Do You Need to Offer Mobile Website Solutions?

Millions of people are now using their mobile phones to surf the Internet and look for information and services. A mobile website offering ensures your customers can look to you to provide this key service and further build your retention efforts.

Mobile Website Features

  • Mobile site allows for a text or icon view and displays the Business Description, Phone number, Email address, Business address (for map) and more.
  • Specify or override display information through our simple-to-use control panel.
  • Website content is automatically pulled from your SRSPlus website to populate the mobile website.
  • Once the mobile website is accessed, it’s easy to call, email, or locate a business with a single click.

Reseller Benefits – Why Sell Our Mobile Websites?

  • Customers can always find their business when they need it wherever they are on any mobile device including their BlackBerry®, iPhone® or Android® phones.
  • Uses existing domain name – no need for a separate ".mobi" domain extension.
  • No need to invest time & money into mobile site development.
  • Attract long-term customers – clients who have their web presence with you are more likely to stay with you and purchase additional products.